Merry Christmas!

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Feliz Navidad Chicos!

I hope you´re all well and enjoying Christmas festivities where'er you may be. We´ve arrived in San Pedro De Atacama, Chile, after a fantastic three day tour through the altiplano and salt plains of southern Bolivia. Bolivia is ruddy 'ansome - stunning lakes of red and aquamarine; towering volcanoes of purple and red. It's also packed full of brilliant people, with Carlos our guide topping the list; I've never met anyone so enthusiastic! A cross between Craig Charles and the infamous John Rowlands.

Other Bolivian highlights have included perusing La Paz's witches market, deciding which llama foetus to bury under our front door step; and panting up a hill on Isla del Sol to admire the azure waters of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. Lower points have seen me climbing out of a window to release Jed from a veritable prison of a hostel.

But after just a week living the 4000m+ highlife in Bolivia, we've dropped down into the deserts of Chile, which are mightily hot and mightily dusty. We have a few days of rest and recuperation here before heading south again to Santiago on a 23 hour bus. Yahooo! Have a fabulous Christmas everyone; we're missing you all lots.

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