Misty Picchu

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The Inca Trail. Mostly, it rained llamas and alpacas for the entire trek, but our G Adventures crew of 2 guides, 19 porters and 11 intrepid gringos made the experience truly special. The porters are something else - as we panted up hills with our little daypacks, they ran past with tables, gas canisters, pans, tents and OUR clothes and sleeping bags ready to set up the next camp. The two fabulous chefs cooked up three course meals at each stop and baked a delicious cake on the third day. Our guide Kennedy even brought us coca tea in our tents every morning.

After said coca tea, our days consisted of a good breakfast followed by a hike up some steps, followed by more food and perhaps some hiking up steps. Apparently we had a record-breaking rate, but I doubt this very much after discovering that Kennedy´s dad once ran the Inca Trail in 3 hours 45 minutes. It took us more than three days! Of course there were plenty of breaks to admire the view... the big, white cloudy view.

But alas, on the third day we awoke at 4am to a clear, starry sky. A few hours later, we arrived at the infamous Sun Gate to be greeted with unbroken views of Machu Picchu in all her glory. What an amazing place - even surrounded by hundreds of other tourists, this huge Inca citadel still feels tranquil and mysterious. But the whole experience would have been somewhat deficient without Chocho´s enthusiasm, the porters´ tenacity and the Mafia Crew´s singing in the rain. Hurrah for wonderful people. We promise to keep MAFIA and CUPS alive.


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