Quito, Ecuador

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After a 31 hour journey, we arrived in Quito at night, smug with the ease of the journey and the distinct lack of altitude sickness: at 2800m, it was 50/50 whether we'd succumb or not. Alas, we awoke the next morning (smug after a great night's sleep), ate our hearty breakfast of a ham sandwich, and listened intently as the hotelier told us all about Quito and what she has to offer. As he regaled stories of Teleferiques, botanical gardens and UNESCO World Heritage old towns, a warm wave passed over us both and we started to feel distinctly less smug. Seconds later, I was shouting at the big white telephone while Jed crashed out on the bed.

Needless to say, our first days in Quito have been relatively low key. But wow, what a city! The old town is stunning, the view from the Teleferique (at a head-pounding 4100m) is impressive despite the cloud, and the parks and gardens provide numerous peaceful oases for catching one's breath. The food has been good so far (especially that which is chocolate themed), though I think Jed felt a touch short changed by his guinea pig - tasty but hard work!

The picture (taken on my phone) shows the looming Pichincha volcano above a BMX park in the centre of the new town.


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